Cough,Cold,Throat Infection

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baidyanath sidha makardhawaj (ordy.) 2.5gm

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Siddha Makardhwaj by Baidyanath (Jhansi) is an ayurvedic medicine made from herbal and mineral ingredients. It is extremely helpful in balancing the Tridosha - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body...

Aimil Ayush Kwath Powder 90gm


Immunity BoosterRelives in Cough and ColdAs an adjuavant in Upper Resiporatory Tract InfectionsFight Against Viruses Like Corona, etc...

Anu Tail nasal drop 15ml


‘Anu Taila’ is a renowned Ayurved formulation used for Nasya (nasal drops). Regular Nasya with Anu Taila promotes healthy breathing and helps improve immunity. It is beneficial in relieving recurrent nasal congestion and headache caused due to allergies. It is also helpful in relieving pain, stiffness, tingling sensation of..

Ayurshine ayurvedic cough syrup 200ml



Baidyanath basantkusumakar ras( 50tab


Baidyanath Basantkusmakar Ras (S.C.M.Yu) is an ayurvedic medicine that contains Gold, Silver & Pearl. It helps in maintaining good blood glucose level, contolling diabetes, and treating debility of heart and brain. It is also very effective in urinary infections, sexual debility, phthisis, asthma and general weakness. It can also be used to tre..

Baidyanath chaturmukh ras(sw.yu.) 10tab


Baidyanath Chaturmukh Ras Gold is a very beneficial ayurvedic medicine. It is a great source of mercury, iron, mica, sulphur, and gold. It aids in improving the internal and external activities of the human body. It is very effective in treating nerve diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, vertigo and controlling diabetes. It controls insanity, swoons, an..

Baidyanath dashmul kadha 450ml


Shalparni,Prishnaparni,Bel,Twak,Kantakari,Brahati,Gokhru,Arni,Shyonaka,Gambhari, Patala,andJaggery (Gud)...

Baidyanath kankasava 680ml


Dhatura Panchang, Vasamool, Pipal, Chhoti Kateli, Nagkeshar, Sunti, Bharangi, Talispatra, Dhai Ke Phool, Munnaka, Jaggery (Gud)..

Baidyanath lodhrasava 450ml


Lodhra, Kachura, Pohalkarmool, Ela, Murwa, Vidanga, Trifala, Ajowan, Chavya, Chitraka, Dhataki Pushp, Indrayan, Kutki, Bharangi, Jaggery (Gud) etc...

Baidyanath mahamrigank ras 10tab


Same as Ras but less potent. Alterative & tonic. Indicated in Tuberculosis, cough, asthma. Used as tonic for lungs and heart...

Baidyanath moti bhasam no.1


Baidyanath Moti Bhasma No.1 is an ayurvedic medicine useful in treating a number of health complication. It is replete with antioxidant, antacid, anti stress, anti depressant and muscle relaxant properties. It is a rich source of calcium and helps in strengthening joints, bones and muscles. It also makes nerves, bones and cells function smooth. It ..

Baidyanath sutshekhar ras no.1 (sw.yu.) 25tab


Sutshekhar Ras Tablet by Baidyanath (Jhansi) is an ayurvedic composition that works on the pitta dosha to alleviate heartburn, abdominal pain, epigastric tenderness, and nausea. Significant Advantages: Reduces stomach discomfort and heartburn by acting on the pitta dosha. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of gastrointestinal pain, nausea, bloa..

Baidyanath swarn sameerpannag ras 1gm


Antipyretic & cardiac stimulant.Indicated in neuralgia, convulsions, facial paralysis, lumbago, effective in bronchial asthma and syphilis...

Baidyanath vasarishta 680ml


Buy Baidyanath Ayurvedic Vasarishta Syrup At Best Price In India. It Is Useful In All Types Of Cough...

Bala tail 100ml


Bala Taila is an age-old combination of herbs brought to you by Divya Pharmacy to give relief from vata disorders, respiratory infections (cold, cough, asthma attacks) and quick recovery from injury and weakness. Bala Taila has muscle relaxers which ease rigidity and pains from arthritis or gout. It reduces inflammation in joints to give lasting re..

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