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SHOPAYUR  aims to bring the world of  Ayurvedic medicines & Ayurvedic products to your doorstep within the shortest delivery time possible. For that we have created this multivendor ecommerce  website that cover all standard ayurvedic company’s products at one single platform.

In current time online ecommerce platforms provide numerous advantages and benefits to people worldwide, people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into shops. So why not bring this revolution into our ancient traditional form of Ayurvedic medicines & Ayurvedic products.

At current scenario more and more people are switching towards Ayurveda which is a natural way of heeling the mind, body and soul , But at many times after a diagnosis the patient are not able to purchase the medicines at a convenient location, This is the soul aim and purpose of  SHOPAYUR.

We will deliver the Ayurvedic medicines & Ayurvedic products that you require at the upmost quality right to your door step within the shortest possible time….

shopayur  Mission

·         Our Mission is to promote genuine & authentic Ayurved at every home.

·         Our Mission is to spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the betterment of society and to maintain good health.

·         Our Mission is to maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity at every level of our organization.


shopayur Vision

·         To become the world’s most trusted & authentic ayurvedic ecommerce company By delivering & promoting authentic, unadulterated,organic,natural  and chemical-free Ayurvedic medicine & Ayurvedic products for society.

·         To provide equal growth opportunity to every business associate who Promotes ayurved under the “MULTISELLER” policy of the company.


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