Patanjali Ayurved Limited produces quality Herbomineral preparations. To monitor quality, the Divya Yog Mandir Trust and Patanjali Yog Peeth grow many endangered herbs on its farmland. The principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are rigorously followed in the plant and Company prides itself on being environment friendly.

A high stress on quality, several quality circles and special quality circles and special project teams working on Total Quality Management (TQM) projects make quality a way of life in Patanjali Ayurved Limited. This enables Patanjali Ayurved Limited to produce herbomineral preparations with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency. This ensures that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

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Alovera kesarchandan gel 150gm


The beautifying and cooling essence of Kesar (saffron) and Chandan (sandalwood) combine with the soothing qualities of Aloe Vera in Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel Kesar Chandan to nourish and hydrate your skin and give it a natural glo..

Amvatari Ras 20gm


Amvatari Ras treats rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Our dietary habits and urban, sedentary lifestyle often makes us vulnerable to toxin accumulation in body, pain in joints, etc. The herbs in Amvatari Ras are anti-inflammatory and are enriched in natural calcium. Amvatari Ras therefore fortifies your bone structure, reduces inflammation, ..

Bala tail 100ml


Bala Taila is an age-old combination of herbs brought to you by Divya Pharmacy to give relief from vata disorders, respiratory infections (cold, cough, asthma attacks) and quick recovery from injury and weakness. Bala Taila has muscle relaxers which ease rigidity and pains from arthritis or gout. It reduces inflammation in joints to give lasting re..

Dant kanti sensitive toothpaste 50 gm


Instant sensitivity relief by nerve depolarization. Long lasting protection by natural remineralization. Cavity prevention by inhibition of bacterial growth. Useful in dentinal sensitivity, Toothache, bad breath & spongy bleeding gums..

Divya arvindasav 225 ml


Arvindasav is a traditionally prepared health tonic for infants and children. It contains the goodness of lotus combined with various herbal extracts with a lot of care. Loss of appetite after an ailment often leads to weakness. Arvindasav fills up the dietary gaps, nourishes the recuperating child and improves immunity. It provides all-round nouri..

Divya ashmarihar ras 50 g


Divya Ashmarihar Ras gives relief in urinary problems. It heals abdominal pain, burning sensation, urine retention and stone in bladder. The herbs and natural extracts in Divya Ashmarihar Ras have diuretic properties. They cleanse the body of toxins, eliminate fluids retained in body and help to flush out kidney stones. They also eliminate infectio..

Divya ashokaristh 450 m


Ashokaristh cures gynecological disorders like excessive bleeding, abdominal pain, post-partum infections, mucus discharge, irregular menstruation, etc. Ashokaristh has antibacterial properties which helps to eliminate the root causes of infections. The component herbs have multivitamins which helps you recover fast and regain strength. Ashoka..


Divya Ashvagandharitha 450ml

RS.118.00 RS.118.00

Ashvagandharist combines the best natural extracts to boost your brain and nervous system. The stresses and strains of everyday life takes its toll on your mind. Ashvagandharist has relaxant and mild sedative properties. It soothes your mind and nourishes the brain and nerves to help you regain balance. It helps prevent epileptic attacks, cures sex..

Divya avipattikar churna 100 g


Avipattikar churna is a very effective cure for acidity, indigestion and constipation. Unhealthy, unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle often leads to digestion-related problems. Avipattikar churna is a combination of herbs and natural extracts which reduces acidity in stomach, relieves heartburn and discomfort. It reduces gas formation and induc..

Divya brahmi churna 100 g


Brahmi Churna brings to you the goodness of brahmi extracted with care and precision. Since time immemorial brahmi has been used as a brain tonic. It soothes and nourishes the cerebellum thus promoting memory and intellectual ability, calms the mind and improves concentration. Brahmi Churna has cooling effect on the body and mind thus relieving hea..

Divya cologrit - 60 tab 46 g


Divya Cologrit useful in Sangrahini, Ulcerative colitis, Udar Vikar (general abdominal diseases), Atisar (diarrhea), Pravahika (dysentery), Gastric discomfort...

Divya corighan 3 u x 20 n 34 g


Divya corighan blood purifier and useful in general kidney diseases...

Divya dashmularishta 450 ml


Dashmularishta is a potent formulation for women. It combines the goodness of dashmool with other herbs and natural extracts. Dashmularishta cures post-partum and uterine infections, general weakness in women and resolves lactation issues. It eliminates bacteria from your system, boosts immunity and gives strength. Dashmularishta is enriched in nat..

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Divya eyegrit gold 20 n 10 g


Divya Eyegrit Gold is useful in eye weakness, eye inflammation, vision related problems...

Divya giloy ghanvati advance 60 n 18 g


 Divya giloy ghanvati advance is rasayan (immunity enhancer) and also useful in fever & respiratory problems. ...

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