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baidyanath sidha makardhawaj (ordy.) 2.5gm

RS.340.00 RS.350.00

Siddha Makardhwaj by Baidyanath (Jhansi) is an ayurvedic medicine made from herbal and mineral ingredients. It is extremely helpful in balancing the Tridosha - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body...

Baidyanath basantkusumakar ras( 50tab


Baidyanath Basantkusmakar Ras (S.C.M.Yu) is an ayurvedic medicine that contains Gold, Silver & Pearl. It helps in maintaining good blood glucose level, contolling diabetes, and treating debility of heart and brain. It is also very effective in urinary infections, sexual debility, phthisis, asthma and general weakness. It can also be used to tre..

Baidyanath moti bhasam no.1


Baidyanath Moti Bhasma No.1 is an ayurvedic medicine useful in treating a number of health complication. It is replete with antioxidant, antacid, anti stress, anti depressant and muscle relaxant properties. It is a rich source of calcium and helps in strengthening joints, bones and muscles. It also makes nerves, bones and cells function smooth. It ..

Baidyanath moti pishti 1gm


Indicated in hyperacidity & in calcium deficiency...

Baidyanath moti pishti no.1 1gm


Useful in acidity, burning sensation in urethra...

Baidyanath panchamrit parpati 10gm


It is effective remedy for sprue, diarrhoea & dysentery...

baidyanath ropya bhasam 2.5gm


It imparts radiance to the skin and fortifies the physique. Valuable in Vat Rog. As per text, repared from Raupya (Purified) Harital, Swaras of Gulab ke Phool. 65 to 125 mg twice a day with water or madhu. *Dosage may vary according to individual health conditions. It is critical that the dosage be prescribed by your physician...

Baidyanath swarn sameerpannag ras 1gm


Antipyretic & cardiac stimulant.Indicated in neuralgia, convulsions, facial paralysis, lumbago, effective in bronchial asthma and syphilis...

Patanjali giloy kwath 200 gm


Divya Giloy Kwath brings to you the goodness of giloy which has very effective and multifarious medicinal properties. Giloy cures fevers from viral infections (dengue, chikungunya, etc.) and helps you recover holistically. Giloy cures cold and weakness due to low platelet count. It detoxifies your system and gives you glowing skin. Giloy also boost..

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