Gynecological disorder

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Dabur mensta syrup 200ml

RS.135.00 RS.145.00

Dabur Mensta Syrup is a formulation directed solely at restoring women’s health. It acts as a menstrual modulator and has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic as well as antioxidant properties...

Divya ashokaristh 450 m


Ashokaristh cures gynecological disorders like excessive bleeding, abdominal pain, post-partum infections, mucus discharge, irregular menstruation, etc. Ashokaristh has antibacterial properties which helps to eliminate the root causes of infections. The component herbs have multivitamins which helps you recover fast and regain strength. Ashoka..

Divya dashmularishta 450 ml


Dashmularishta is a potent formulation for women. It combines the goodness of dashmool with other herbs and natural extracts. Dashmularishta cures post-partum and uterine infections, general weakness in women and resolves lactation issues. It eliminates bacteria from your system, boosts immunity and gives strength. Dashmularishta is enriched in nat..

2-3 Days

Neeri tablets 30 nos*1 strip

RS.165.00 RS.171.00

Neeri is a poly-herbal formulation that tends to “Resolves Urinary Problems”. Neeri by the virtue of its potent herbal extracts, exerts corrective & preventive management in various urinary problems such as burning micturition, chaotic or turbid urine with occult blood & painful urination. Neeri is a complete solution that not only normaliz..

Patanjali gokshuradi guggul 40 gm


Gokshuradi Guggul cures kidney and urinary tract infections (UTI) and other urinary problems like reduced urine formation or burning sensation or discomfort while urinating. It is made from a combination of herbs with a diuretic and antibacterial properties. It flushes out the bacteria thus curing the problem at its root and provides soothing relie..

Patanjali lithom 60 n 35 gm


Divya Lithom contains Gokharu, Pashanbhed, Punarnava, etc. It is useful in kidney stone, dysuria, burning, all kidney related disorders...

Patanjali nagarmotha churna 100 gm


Nagarmotha is commonly known as “nut grass”. Divya nagarmotha churna contains Cyprus rotundas as the main ingredient. The formulation is considered to have good digestive and carminative properties. Helps to maintain healthy serum cholesterol levels and has anti-inflammatory properties. Supports uterine health...

Patanjali santati sudha 60 n 35 gm


Divya Santati Sudha is useful in infertility...

Patanjali usirasav 450 ml


Divya Usirasav is an ayurvedic product used for ahaemostatic and pitta pacifying. It is diuretic, cooling, tranquilizer and blood purifier. Divya Usirasav is a liquid Ayurveda medicine used in treating bleeding disorders, skin diseases...

Shatavari Kalpa (Elaichi Flavour) 350g


Shatavari Kalpa is the nutritive product useful for complete family specially for women. Having all the benefits of Shatavari one of the most versatile herbs in Ayurved, Shatavari Kalpa enhances immunity & general health by nourishing body tissues. Most effective with qualities like Medhya, Pittashamak, Rasayan, Shukravardhak & Netrya. Shav..


Suayu Leucorraid Capsule

RS.152.00 RS.160.00

Helps Control White Discharge ..


Suayu Menstruaid Capsule

RS.152.00 RS.160.00

Useful in irregular menstruation cycle..

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